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November 18-25, 2019

The REALTORS Care® Blanket Drive is coming soon!

Here's how you can help

We collect blankets and warm clothing to help the homeless, women and children in need, and persons living in supportive housing. Your donations are kept in the community where they are collected, and are given to charities that distribute them directly to those in need.

Please donate the following items for all ages:

  • gently used or new blankets or sleeping bags
  • warm clothing, coats
  • hats, gloves, scarves
  • new socks and underwear

Socks are especially important for the homeless. They're as good as gold. 

REALTORS Care® Blanket Drive story

Way back in 1994, some caring REALTORS® in Vancouver observed the homeless situation in the city’s eastside and said to themselves, we’ve got to do something.

They put out an appeal to their colleagues for warm blankets and coats and collected enough donations to help 3,000 of Vancouver’s homeless in the downtown core.

That single act of kindness has blossomed into one of the largest annual collections of warm clothing and blankets, helping homeless people and the working poor in every single community in the Lower Mainland.

Since then, thousands of REALTORS® from Whistler to Hope have collected enough donations to help more than 385,000 people in need. Each year, more than 75 dedicated members pick-up and deliver all the donations, and well over 100 real estate offices in the Lower Mainland act as collection depots.

The REALTORS Care® Drive now collects an astonishing amount of warm, winter items on behalf of dozens of local charities to help about 35,000 people each year.

Do you have some warm clothing and blankets to donate?  Contact Leanne @ Leanne@RealtyGal.ca 

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If you're working with a landscaping contractor, you want to develop a good working relationship with that professional, so you can avoid delays, stress and other issues. After all, the last thing you want is a tree planted in the wrong spot because of a misunderstanding!

The same holds true when working with a real estate agent. Whether you're buying, selling, or both, you want the process to go smoothly and successfully. Creating an ideal working relationship with your agent is an important step toward making that happen.

How do you do that you ask? First, ask your agent to go over the process with you. If you're selling your home, you want to understand the steps the agent is going to take. That way, there will be fewer surprises. In particular, you’ll want to discuss how viewings will be handled. You'll need to come to an agreement as to when your home will be available for viewings, how short-notice viewings will be handled, and whether or not "lockbox access" will be needed.

Don't be afraid to ask questions!  No question is dumb!  You don't want to have unanswered questions or concerns between you and your agent.Also, know that misunderstandings and mistakes can happen in any relationship with a professional. So if an issue does comes up, discuss it right away. Don't let it fester.  

Finally, remember that your agent should be a professional like me, with expertise in buying and selling in this market and with experience!

When I make a recommendation regarding pricing, prepping your home, viewings, etc. remember that I am working in your best interest. I want to sell your property, quickly and for the best possible price!

Looking for an agent that has your best interest in mind? Contact me today! 

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Buyers are using the internet to search for properties more than ever before!  In fact, they can even go and see a “virtual” tour of a home using their smartphone or desktop computer.

So, you might be wondering if the old fashioned Open House still works these days? Well, the answer is yes!  If Open Houses didn’t work, no one would be doing them! No matter how good the internet gets, it can’t compete with a buyer being able to visit a property in person, walk through the rooms, stand in the backyard and imagine him or herself BBQ-ing with the family, stroll the area, and meeting neighbours at neighboourhood pot lucks!  An Open House makes it easy for buyers to do just that. It’s an open invitation for them to come by at a specific date and time, to see the property and chat with the REALTOR®. It’s a casual environment, which many buyers prefer. Some buyers, in fact, are more comfortable going to an Open House before scheduling a private viewing.

Will you need an Open House to sell your home? That depends on a lot of factors...but mostly how serious the Buyer is.  If a Buyer is really serious about buying a home they will already have been in contact with their REALTOR® and will set up a time to view your home!  

When I work with clients, I put together a marketing plan designed to sell the property quickly and for the best price possible.  Depending on yours and other circumstances, that may or may not include an Open House however I always ensure your home gets maximum exposure!

If you have questions about what would be involved in a quick and successful sale of your home, contact me. I’d be happy to chat and answer your questions.  


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I often get asked when is the right time to make that move to buy up!

No matter how much you love your current property, you may be dreaming of the day you can buy up into a bigger or better home in a great neighbourhood, maybe because you've out grown your current home, or possibly your family is getting larger!

Is that day today, or, is it a few years down the road?  Here’s a quick way to make that assessment.

First, make a list of all the practical reasons why it might be time to move up. Those reasons might include features such as: more bedrooms, proximity to work and school, a larger backyard with trees, nearby parks and walking paths and better access to things you enjoy like theatre, sports or recreation centers. Next, make a list of the emotional reasons for making such a move. Those reasons might include memorable get-togethers with friends on a more spacious deck, an easier and less stressful commute to work, more family time with the kids and enjoyable Saturday golf at a nearby course. Finally, take a financial snapshot to determine if you can afford to move up. You’ll need to get a good idea of what your current property will sell for in today’s market, average price of homes in your desired neighbourhood, and how much mortgage you’ll need.

Once you have all that down on paper, you’ll have a clearer picture of your readiness. If the practical and emotional reasons for buying up are compelling, and you can afford to make the move, then you have your answer. If the time is now, or if you need help in making this determination – especially figuring out what your home will likely sell for, please call me for a free in home evaluation!  

I'm happy to help, and have many resources to help your dream become a reality!  

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Lets talk about Depreciation Reports!  

First, I just want to say that I love these reports!  They give a buyer an excellent idea of what is going on in the strata complex and the anticipated maintenance, repair and replacement costs projected over 30 years!

Depreciation reports came into effect December 14, 2011.  Strata Corporations need to obtain these reports every 3 years unless they hold an annual meeting and 3/4 of the owners vote to waive the report, or unless there is 4 or fewer strata lots.  Once a strata corporation obtains a report they have 3 years to obtain a new report.


This Depreciation Report includes a number of different parts to help the Strata Corporation manage their complex, and to help owners understand the true long term cost of ownership. The Depreciation Report includes:

- an inventory of the common property components;

- an opinion of budgets for CRF (Contingency Reserv Funds) projects related to these components;

- an estimated time frame for when we expect those repair/replacement costs to occur;

- the cycle at which we expect those costs to reoccur; and

- funding scenarios to help the Strata decide on how they are going to fund the CRF projects.

Every year the Strata Council puts together a budget that lays out contributions to your Contingency Reserve Fund and your Operating Fund. These two contributions are typically what make up your maintenance fees.


The Strata Property Act defines the CRF as a fund for common expenses that usually occur less often than once a year or that do not usually occur, relating to the common property or common assets of the Strata Corporation.

Before Depreciation Reports were required, many Stratas were not following a long term repair and renewal plan, resulting in poorly maintained buildings. Without such a plan, many Owners did not fully understand the true cost of repairing and maintaining a building.

Stratas were making minimum CRF contributions towards the repair of the complex, and as the buildings aged, owners were facing large special levies as there were insufficient funds in the CRF to cover the cost of these expenditures.

Depreciation Reports cover the CRF related expenditures (e.g., replacing windows, replacing roofs, etc.), and not the day-to-day expenditures that are dealt with through the Operating Fund (e.g., janitorial cleaning, common area hydro fees, common property insurance fees, etc.).  Most reports give buyers a very clear idea of how the strata is running and what the upcoming expenses are.

These reports have really identified that many, if not most strata complexes are underfunded!  

When I work with a client that is buying into a strata complex, no matter how well the complex is maintained, I always recommend opening an extra bank account for "upcoming levies" and saving money each month.  Owning a condo, townhome or bareland strata home is no different than owning a house.  There WILL be upcoming work such as roof, siding, decks, gutters and home interior (common property) upgrades that will be needed and you won't be caught off guard having to come up with the money, if you're prepared.....

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