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New Evergreen Line Station!



LINCOLN STATION!  An additional station is being added to the Evergreen Line.   


Lincoln Station is being funded through a unique partnership between the Government of Canada, the City of Coquitlam and the owners of Coquitlam Centre Mall. The new station will be located at Pinetree Way and Lincoln Avenue.  Lincoln Station will serve Coquitlam Centre Mall and is located in the heart of a growing commercial and residential area.  With more than a dozen existing and planned residential and retail developments located within a short walk of the station, the new station supports the planning goals outlined in the City of Coquitlam’s Official Community Plan for the City Centre to become a sustainable, high density, urban core!




Did you know the length will be 11 kilometers? 


There will be 7 stations in total!


Total travel time will be .15 minutes from Coquitlam City Centre to Lougheed Town Center !   40 minutes total travel time from Coquitlam City Center to Vancouver!


Maximum travel speed will be 80 km/h


Estimated Capital Cost:  $1.4 billion


Estimated time of completion and in service date is summer 2016!



For more information and up to date information on the Evergreen Line please click on the link!




Source:  http://www.evergreenline.gov.bc.ca/